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Zhixiao (Jason) WANG, Ph.D

IEEE member, ACM member,  IEICE member, CCF member

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School of Computer Science & Engineering,
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(1)Communication Networks: from Theory to Practice, especially their protocols and optimization
(2)Privacy, Security and Trust
(3)Theory and Techniques for Intelligent Information Mining and Processing, including Big Data
(4)Others: Software Defined Network, Data Center Network, Social Network, etc.

  • Obtained Ph.D. degree in Computer Science, Xi’an Jiaotong University, China . Advisor: Prof. Deyun Zhang
  • EU Erasmus Mundus LiSUM Project, Georg-August-University of Goettingen, Germany (08/2010-07/2011). Advisor: Prof. Dr. Dieter Hogrefe
  • Obtained M.S. degree in Computer Science, Xi’an University of Technology, China . Advisor: Prof. Jing Zhang
  • Obtained B.S. degree in Computer Science, Shijiazhuang University of Economics, China .


RESEARCH PROJECTS (participated or in charge) RESEARCH PROJECTS (participated or in charge)

(1) Research on Trusted Key Technology and Application of Next-Generation Internet Demonstration (863 Project)
(2) CNGI Special Project of Commercial Test Equipment, R&D and Industrialization of IPv6 Broadband Multi-Mode Access Terminals
(3) RFID Positioning Method in Indoor Environment (NSFC)
(4) Propagation Mechanism for Unconventional Emergency Information in Social Networks (NSFC)
(5) Heterogeneous Multimodal Fusion Terminal in Home Intelligent Space
(6) Information Perception and Behavior in Wireless Sensor Network
(7) Environment Monitoring and Warning System based on Internet of Things
(8) 3D Routing Mechanism for Heterogeneous Vehicular Network
(9) Smart Home Integration Control System
(10) Medical Data Acquisition and Remote Assistance System in Smart City
(11) Remote Medical Video Monitoring System based on IPv6
(12) Vehicle Multimedia Information System based on Internet of things
(13) Mobile Learning Modeling based on Cloud Computing


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[1] Zhixiao Wang and Yicai Chen, Conquer E-commerce: PHP+MYSQL, China Machine Press, 2014
[2] Baocheng Wang, Zhixiao Wang and Xiaobo Luo, Office Automation, China Northwest Polytechnical University Press, 2013.


(1) EU EM ECW LiSUM Scholarship holder, 2010.8-2011.7
(2) The Second Prize of Science and Technology, Xi'an city, in 2006 and 2014 respectively
(3) The Second Prize of Shanxi province higher school science and technology, 2015
(4) The First Prize of Shanxi province higher school science and technology, 2016


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