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Education History


 B.E.   September 1997 - July 2001    School of Electronic Engineering, Xidian University, China  

                                     Speciality: Electronic Engineering

                                            ThesisResearch on DCT Based Digital Image Watermarking 

                                             Supervisor: Prof. Licheng Jiao


 Ph.D   September 2002 - June 2007  School of Electronic Engineering, Xidian University, China
                                             Speciality: Electronic Science and Technology

                                             DissertationStatistical Models  Based  SAR  Image Processing   and Interpretation

                                             Supervisor: Prof. Licheng Jiao 


Professional History


                July 2007-Present, Depatment of Electronic Engineering, Xi'an University of Technology



 Research Areas ( Human-Centred & Computer-Centred Visual Computing :  Algorithms and Intergrated Systems )


I - Biomedical Electronics 
    1. Visual Prosthesis for Visual Repairs of the RP/AMD Blind



    2. Biomedical Circuits and Systems-based Assistive Technology for Health Engineering, especially for the Visually-impaired

        People, the Home-bound Elder, etc.


II - Circuits and Systems for Video Technology 

     1. ADAS: Pedestrian Reconnaissance System on Mobile Platforms

       支撑项目:校青年科学研究计划项目 (2008.12-2010.12)——智能集成化驾驶员协助系统中面向视频信息的行人检测若干关键技术研究【主持人】


     2.  Algorithm/Architecture Co-Exploration of Visual Computing on Emerging Platforms (DSP, FPGA, and ARMs)


   3.  GPU Acceleration of Classical Visual Computing Algorithms

III - Computer Vision 

      1. Object Detection ( Pedestrian Detection;  Small Target Detection ), Tracking, and  Action Recognition/Analysis within Real-world,

          Dynamic, and Complicated Environments.


      2. Neuro-inspired Computer Vision for Mid-level & High-level CV Problems: Figure-Ground Segregation, Contour Detection,             Perceptual Grouping, etc.


IV - Domain-Specific Image Processing, Analysis and Understanding   

      1.  SAR Image Processing and Analysis: Linear Object Detection and Multitemporal Change Detection Issues  

     支撑项目:国家自然科学基金(2011.1-2013.12) —— 基于Shearlet变换域多尺度统计处理的SAR图像结构化信息提取和多时相变化检测【主持人


      2.  SUN (Scene UNderstanding): Spatial Layout with Geometric and Semantic Consistence (Indoor & Outdoor Environments)

      支撑项目:2010年度大学生创新性实验计划项目(2010.9-2011.8) —— 视觉假体室外行人走道感知与编码系统的研制 (立项)【指导教师

      3.  MIUA: Medical Image Understanding and Analysis for Computer-Aided Diagnosis and Intervention


V Biologically-Inspired Intelligent Visual Computing and Perceptual Modeling from Psychological & Cognitive Sciences,            and Neuroscience 

     1.  Granularity-based Visual Computing Methodology (A Unified T-D & B-U Framework)


     2.  Selective Visual Attention: Neurobiological Mechanism and Its Applications in Image and Video Analysis


VI - Pattern Recognition 

      1. Non-Negative Feature Extraction for Biometrics, especially for Affective Computing


      2. ADAS: Real-time Automatic Traffic Sign Recognition for ADAS in Intelligent Vehicles


VII - Machine Vision Intelligent Visual Systems in Industrial Electronics



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