Personal Information Personal Information

Ligang Zhang (PhD) is currently a full-time researcher in the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering at the Xi'an University of Technology (XUT).


Postal Address: Mailbox #666, NO.5 South Jinhua Road, Xi’an, Shaanxi, China 710048.


Research Interests Research Interests

Facial Expression Recognition

Image Processing

Affective Computing


Selected Publications:

[1] L. Zhang and D. Tjondronegoro, "Facial Expression Recognition Using Facial Movement Features," Affective Computing, IEEE Transactions on, vol. 2, pp. 219-229, 2011. 111

[2] L. Zhang et al. "Discovering the Best Feature Extraction and Selection Algorithms for Spontaneous Facial Expression Recognition", ICME, 2012, pp. 1027-1032.

[3] L. Zhang et al. "Facial Expression Recognition Experiments with Data from Television Broadcasts and the World Wide Web", Image and Vision Computing, vol. 32, pp. 107-119, 2014.

[4] L. Zhang et al. "Random Gabor based templates for facial expression recognition in images with facial occlusion", Neurocomputing, vol. 145, pp. 451-464, 2014.

[5] L. Zhang et al. "A Pilot Study on Affective Classification of Facial Images for Emerging News Topics", IMMSP, 2014.


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